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“Love this…great work and right on the money… your talents are highly regarded!” Andrew Reilly, Director, KRW Finance
“I’m getting so much awesome feedback on my new site and the copy! Thanks a million – even people from overseas are sending emails just to say how much they like my site. I love it!” Bianca Board, Director, BRB Creative
“Top stuff again Doctor. You are a true Pro you know! BTW – you should get more work from this client. She loved your creativity with words and I told her you were fab to work with – as always!” Heidi Ho, Artlounge
“These pages are perfect. Thanks!” Emmanuel Tsesmelis, Managing Director, My Passion Coach
“WOW – I really see the difference – and I think you could sell ice to Eskimos – Great Stuff!” Amnon Kelemen, Director, Mint Human Resources
“I’m very impressed with the work you have done with my website. Rest assured I will have no hesitation in recommending your services” Paul Spano, Skinovate
“Justin is a wonderful writer who puts his heart – and indeed his blood and guts – into his words. It’s bloody beautiful!” Elizabeth Stephens, Editor, Living Now Magazine
“I’ve just seen the fantastic job you did on BRB’s site…would you be interested in writing mine for me, too?” Liane Sayer-Roberts, Director, Sauce Communications
“Excellent job. Great to work with a pro.” Tim Walker, National Technical Manager, Netcopi
“Thanks Justin for your great work and the extra effort put in with our client. I believe they will be needing further work along the way and we will certainly be putting you in our mix…” Rob Bouquet, Director, Bouquet Productions
“Over the years I have always found it enlightening to see a professional work at a chosen skill. The Copy Doctor takes this to a new level – you see a man excel in his field, giving you an education that cannot be ignored.” Collin Taggart, Author, “Time to a Champion”
“…Justin, can you add some of your brilliance to these?…” Chris Bull, Managing Director, Australian Outdoor Living
“It was one of the biggest proposals of our company’s history. Justin had it for one night and worked magic that I know made a big difference. Truly creative and professional.” Matt Hearn, Executive Producer / Co-Producer, Wolf Creek & Rogue
“Justin, thanks for keeping it so simple and being so thorough — the results are fantastic, the clients love it. You have made us look very good once again.” Nick Paech, Director, Earth Moving Ideas
“…3000% better!! Thanks so much…” Cate Young, Managing Director, CYD Design
“It’s a comfort knowing it’s [The Copy Doctor] writing that report…” Adam Sinclair, Financial Services Director, TNS Research
“That was superb editorial, thanks Justin. It reads like you’re an expert and passionate about bridal couture, it’s amazing! The magazine ran it almost untouched…” Sam Oglialoro, Director, Oglia-loro Haute Couture
“Great copy — you ARE the master.” Adam Quick, Managing Director, Jack be Quick
“ Man, you can edit ” Sunny Koll, Singer/Songwriter
“That’s great! Thanks Justin, we will certainly run it by you next time” Gary Anthony, Managing Director, Local Motion Surfwear
“Looks fabulous darling” Marylou Paino, Director, CM Design
“Perfect — the 3rd headline looks best to me — go with it” Geoffrey Moyle, Principal Cost Planner, Construction Planning & Economics Pty Ltd
“Congratulations! Very impressed! Love what you have done with the coupons … very strong, all works really well” Yvette Stening, Creative & Copywriting Manager, Mailmasters
“You have a dangerous talent, Justin. The ability to turn utter rubbish into absolute gold!” Brioni Scouler, Production Director, Tribus Lingua
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The Copy Doctor
a.k.a. Justin Coombs

The Copy Doctor
a.k.a. Justin Coombs

Copywriting words that work. Really well.

Are you worrying about words, staring at the screen despondently as the deadline gets deadlier? Are you too busy to update your website, with copy that people will actually enjoy reading? Does a qualified copywriter take care of your marketing, to make sure sales are maximised?

Compelling copywriting is essential to your business success. From your company tagline and first business cards, to your website, e- marketing, search engine ranking (SEO), advertising, device apps and annual reports... any spend on design can go to waste if your copy doesn’t cut through.

The Copy Doctor
a.k.a. Justin Coombs

Copywriting on an ipad

Need great copywriting? Get a second opinion from “the Doctor”.

I’ve been a creative copywriter for more than 30 years, helping people in business just like you make pivotal points, capture potential punters and avoid the plague of poor prose… and I’m proud to have established a team of very talented know-it-alls in my network.

Together we promise you killer copy writing, dynamic design and intuitive branding insight, helping you capture more customers without agency middle-men or marked-up costs… so you don’t need to spend big bucks at the big end of town for the copywriting expertise you really need.

Remember: One word can sell a thousand pictures (with the right advice).

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Whatever kind of copywriting you need help with, the "doctor" is on hand.

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