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The Copy Doctor a.k.a. Justin Coombs

The Copy Doctor
a.k.a. Justin Coombs

About the Doctor

OK, he’s not actually a ‘Doctor’. The only licence he has is artistic.

Also known as Justin Coombs, he is however a copywriting, marketing, public relations and journalism professional, with more than 25 years under his belt and a natural way with words that’s been blossoming ever since he could walk.

For this best-selling copywriter, the writing was on the wall.

At age 7 his teacher told him to read his essay about a talking egg to the entire school. At 13 he was bullied into writing job applications for scary school-leavers. By late teens Justin was copywriting for cash, working on government publicity and press releases.

Professional, successful copywriting. Across the globe.

Since then and now, where he sits on the friendly side of 45, Justin has provided expertly written, truly effective copywriting across a challenging portfolio of public and private sector industries. He has hundreds of happy clients around the world.

If you like the sound of stronger copy, call the ‘Doctor’.


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About the Doctor