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ChatGPT and the Copy Doctor
ChatGPT and the Copy Doctor
You, me & ChatGPT
You, me & ChatGPT

Your copywriting budget will be a lot less with ChatGPT, but you still need me.

If you need fast, cost-efficient advertising copywriting or marketing messaging, ChatGPT has blown open the doors of possibility by offering super-human writing and referencing speed.

But please beware.

Because the copy ChatGPT produces by itself, without the guidance of a copywriting professional who knows what’s good and what’s not, is bad enough to do your brand harm.

Don’t risk sounding silly.

The 5 famous flaws of ChatGPT

ChatGPT will probably be perfect one day. But right now, it’s pretty rubbish by itself.

You need to know what to ask it

Just like any other computer, if you don’t input the right data at the beginning, the outcome will be a big disappointment.

You need to know how to ask it

You’ll hear lots of talk about ChatGPT completely lacking nuance in its output. But that’s OK, I’ve got heaps.

You need a content expert to execute it

Creating your own content using ChatGPT is one thing, but creating content people actually enjoy is quite another.

You need a copywriting pro to polish it

The flaws of ChatGPT are obvious when you look at the big picture of what it puts out – luckily, I’m here to fix it for you..

You need sharp editing smarts to finish it

Even if you get the paid version of ChatGPT, you won’t get cracking copywriting without a clued-up human in the mix.