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I’m writing my “about us” page. Help!

Write about us website page v2


The worst thing you can do on your “about us” page is waffle on about yourself.

Long gone are the days when websites were a novelty and people would read whatever you put on the pages in front of them, be that about your “extensive experience” or your favourite film.

These days “about us” should be a code word for “about you”. By all means start a sentence with something which backs up why you’re good at what you do, but make sure it turns around and ends by hitting home what a wonderful difference your superb products or service will make to your customers. The key will be in your copywriting.

Things like history, philosophy, qualifications and motivations can be important and relevant to many a target market, but be careful not to get too wrapped up in wordy detail. Think about the way in which your credentials directly benefit your customers, then express that, quickly, with punch and personality a plenty.

Or you could just call a copywriter and ask them to write it for you!

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