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Tagline tip: Tried & tested for 100 years!

Ad watch - Head Wrightson

Tagline copywriting? Try not to be too cute…

When it comes to copywriting taglines, the most important thing by far is finding a clever way to say what you’re actually going to do for your customers. And that can be tougher than it sounds, particularly if you’re close to the business, because the temptation to be a bit too cute is a big one. You can quite easily find yourself clutching at straws in the creative hook, relying on an obscure relevance which will sail over customers’ heads, or letting your own emotions and subjective opinions get in the way of what copy is going to work best for business.

Think first impressions, not fancy pants.

Your tagline, along with your logo, is the very first impression of your business. It’s the first place eyes will dart too on your advertising, and it’s one of the first things minds will remember about your brand. So the question is, would you rather customers clearly recall a punchy, straight forward proposition about how you can help them… or will you allow their memory to become muddied, because your tagline copy was trying too hard?

It’s an old philosophy, but a goodie.

Take a look at this delicious display ad from 1957, which ran in the famous magazine “The Illustrated London News”. Those four sublimely simple words say engineering expertise, global reach, industrial innovation and understated excellence, all in one… and they delivered an unforgettable message, beautifully supporting Head Wrightson’s prominence in the engineering space for almost 150 years.

If you want the same, solid foundation in your tagline, call The Copy Doctor.

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