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Trigger Happy Fridays

What does that Friday feeling mean to marketing triggers?

As a marketing decision maker every day presents you with a golden opportunity to connect with your audience, but today, let’s talk about Fridays, which hold a special place in the week for marketers. Let’s delve into the effectiveness of publishing marketing and advertising messages on a Friday, based on recent research.

The Power of Friday Advertising: Why It Matters

Recent research has revealed more about why Fridays offer a promising canvas for your marketing messages. Here’s a snapshot:

  1. Capturing the Friday Vibe: On Fridays, you’re not just reaching your audience; you’re connecting with them on a personal level. People are in a Friday state of mind, eagerly looking forward to the weekend. They’re more relaxed, positive, and open to enjoyable experiences. This makes Fridays an ideal day to engage with your audience emotionally.
  2. Extended Online Presence: In our digitally connected world, your audience remains active online even on Fridays. Whether they’re at work, commuting, or enjoying leisure time, they’re plugged in. Recent research indicates that social media and online engagement often peak on Fridays, providing a ready audience for your digital marketing messages.
  3. Weekend Planning: Fridays are synonymous with weekend planning. Individuals are making decisions about how they’ll spend their precious free time. Your marketing message can be the spark that ignites their weekend plans. Consider this as an opportunity to inspire, entertain, and cater to their needs.

What advertising rocks on Fridays?

The top 3 have been Friday advertising staples since forever, but recent research shows an interesting growth in wellbeing to the #4 spot.

  1. Weekend Escapes: Recent studies show that advertisements promoting weekend getaways, staycations, or travel deals perform exceptionally well on Fridays. People are already thinking about relaxation and adventure, so capitalize on this by offering irresistible travel packages.
  2. Dining and Entertainment: Research suggests that messages centred around Friday night dining specials, happy hours, live events, and entertainment options strike a chord with the Friday crowd. Highlight the social aspects and the pleasure of winding down after a long week.
  3. Retail Therapy: Fridays are a great time to stimulate shopping impulses. According to recent data, retail sales, flash sales, and limited-time offers gain traction on Fridays. Shoppers are looking for deals and discounts to kickstart their weekend shopping spree.
  4. Wellness and Self-Care: Recent research indicates a growing trend in self-care and wellness activities on Fridays. Messages related to spa treatments, wellness products, or fitness classes can resonate with those seeking to de-stress and rejuvenate over the weekend.

What advertising bums on a Friday?

The research shouts from the rooftops, keep advertising light on Fridays!

  1. Serious or Complex Content: Recent research suggests that Fridays are better suited for lighter, more upbeat content. Avoid diving into serious or complex topics on this day, as your audience might not be in the right frame of mind to engage with them.
  2. Work-Centric Messages: Research indicates that people are keen to leave work behind on Fridays. Marketing messages that revolve around professional development, productivity tools, or business services might not resonate as well on this day.
  3. Negative or Fear-Based Campaigns: Fridays are all about positivity and anticipation. Recent studies show that negative or fear-based advertising messages can create dissonance and may not be well-received by an audience looking forward to the weekend.

What day of the week is best for your message?

Timing has never been more of the essence for effective marketing messaging. To find your ideal window, consider the following sources:

  1. Marketing Research Firms: Firms like Nielsen, Ipsos, and Kantar regularly conduct studies on advertising effectiveness. They often release reports detailing which types of messages perform best on specific days of the week.
  2. Social Media Insights: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer insights into when your audience is most active. Recent research based on user behaviour can help you schedule your social media advertising effectively.
  3. Industry-Specific Publications: Many industry-specific publications and websites regularly publish research findings related to advertising trends and effectiveness. Keep an eye on these sources to stay up-to-date with the latest insights in your space.

And whatever day it is, get a great copywriter

The importance of having an expert copywriter work with you on your messaging cannot be overstated. An experienced copywriter understands the nuances of crafting messages that resonate with your audience, whatever day it is and whatever frame of mind they may be in. Copywriters have the skill to tap into the emotions, aspirations, and desires of your target audience, making every single advertising opportunity count.

To a clued-up marketing decision maker like you, it will be no surprise to learn that Fridays are brimming with potential for new businesses across many industries. However, to cut through the clutter of everyone else shooting for the same goals, it’s crucial to tailor your messages to the day, aligning them with the positive and anticipatory mindset that characterizes this time of the week.

Put simply, a skilled copywriter – a human one, not ChatGPT – is your secret weapon to help beating your competitors at such a critical time for marketing opportunities.

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