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“Congratulations! Very impressed! Love what you have done with the coupons… very strong copy!” Yvette Stening, Mailmasters
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“…Justin, can you add some of your brilliance to these?…” Chris Bull, Australian Outdoor Living
“I have always found it enlightening to see a professional excel at a chosen skill. The Copy Doctor takes this to a new level – he gives you an education that cannot be ignored.” Collin Taggart, Author
“ Man, you can edit ” Sunny Koll, Singer/Songwriter
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portfolio case
portfolio case
A Portfolio Full of Fab Copy
portfolio case

To assist smart phone and tablet speed, only a select few projects are listed here. To see the full folio with bigger image files and videos, please use a computer.

1) Brochures, flyers & direct mail

When it comes to putting paper to work, the copywriting is crucial. Does your message go top of mind, or in the bin?
The Doctor's words will make the difference.

2) Display advertising, editorial & publishing

It's easy to get your name up in lights, the trick is making sure your customers recall it, for the right reasons.
Don't waste words or say the wrong things, call the Doctor.

3) Websites & e-marketing

Website & e-marketing copy needs to hit home, quickly, with punch & personality aplenty.
The Doctor's copywriting will help you cut-through to your customers.

4) TV & video scriptwriting

The challenge in a TV or video script is fitting all the right words into precious seconds & attention spans.
Let the Doctor's steady hands do your talking.

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