"A master of the copywriting craft, who you can hire for friendly freelance rates."

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Rates that really are transparent. A copywriter who really does have talent.

On any copywriting job, I’ll estimate the time it will take and quote that as a capped price, based on a transparent hourly rate. After 25 years working as a professional copywriter, I’m pretty good at judging how long the work will last. However, if I come in under the quote, I’m honest and charge you less in the final balance.

Here’s a creative idea: Copywriting that’s cost-effective!

When it comes to charging for copywriters, many creative organisations will simply pluck a fat figure out of thin air. But if The Copy Doctor takes care of your copywriting….you’ll know the cost will come without the ‘middle-man mark-ups’ charged by most media agencies.

Our copywriting credentials are air-tight, but I’d still like you to test the water.

If you have a lot of copywriting in mind — and we haven’t worked together before — I usually recommend that we start with a small section and see what you think of that, before committing to go ahead on the whole job.

Hopelessly devoted to beating deadlines. Deadly serious about superior service.

I have a talented team of freelance copywriting and design professionals behind me — and we love what we do. So we guarantee we can cope with the biggest jobs, the tightest deadlines, and the broader marketing needs of your business.

Once the deposit lands, the “Doctor” of copywriting is all yours.

I ask for a deposit once you decide to go ahead, at which point I book in the job and commit to the agreed deadlines. Then final payment is by 7 day invoice — cash, cheque, bank transfer or online payment by credit or debit card — when the job is signed off.

I look forward to working with you.

Justin Coombs - The Copy Doctor

The Copy Doctor