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Copywriting Services


Creative copywriting that builds brands, makes sales & says the right things.

Whatever you want to happen with your business, the key to the right results is the right copy. You need words which enhance your communications & cut through the clutter of your competitors.

And it’s not just the “shop front” stuff you should think about, such as your advertising or your website. Every single element of your communications – from customer service emails to product descriptions to disclaimers – should be finely tuned to stand your brand apart and compel your audience to act.



Thankfully, as each year passes more and more small to medium businesses are realising they can afford a professional copywriter. And, more importantly, that they need one. Not so long ago, copywriting services were thought to be the exclusive realm of big companies who paid big bucks to big advertising agencies. But the opposite is true: when it comes to copywriters, nobody should do business without one.

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Advertising has to look good & also sound good. The pitch of the copywriting has an incredible effect on how well a campaign performs. It doesn’t matter how big or small your advertising spend, it will be dollars down the drain unless the copywriting floats the boat of your audience and perfectly compliments the creative.

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Email Copy

The Internet is competitive, but email marketing is more so. The challenge of creating copy that gets the email opened – and then acted on – is a tough one and not to be taken lightly. Although it may be one of the cheaper ways to communicate with your customers, email marketing can still waste a whole heap of effort and resources if the copywriting doesn’t connect.

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Marketing Material

Sound marketing is the brains behind what keeps any business in the black. But if the copywriter behind your marketing message is off the ball, it can be difficult to get colleagues and customers on side. Things like presentations, sales kits and advertising schedules can do you more harm than good if the copywriting doesn’t do your offering justice.

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Taglines & Headlines

The most crucial copy your customers will ever see, is the first copy they ever see. Whether you need a company tagline or headline on your home page, you mustn’t underestimate the power these few words can have. Potential customers will either keep reading towards the action of engaging you, or not… it all depends how they feel after taking in the first thing they see.

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Media & Public Relations

If you want the ideal publicity, at the ideal time, in the ideal media channel, get a copywriter who knows how to push publishers’ buttons and talk their lingo. The better the copy, the better the hook, the better the coverage. The secret is to do the editor’s job for them, providing punchy, press-ready copy that they can pretty much cut and paste into their publications.

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Corporate Communications

Manuals, annuals, statements, reports, proposals & presentations. The copy you deliver to the public domain needs to be dead on. If you cut corners with copywriting, your brand image can suffer damage, even if you’re delivering the very best of news to your stakeholders. The truth is that you’re judged on much more than your results… your ability to communicate comes into play, too.

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Statements & Speeches

You can have all the confidence in the world and speak perfectly at public functions. But if it’s good outcomes you’re after, you could fall flat at the feet of your audience if you don’t get a copywriter to help out with your speeches and statements. Capturing people’s attention to the extent they not only listen, but actually hear what you say, is one of the hardest jobs in the book.

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Journalism & Editorial

The secret to getting published in print is doing all the hard work for the editor. The more your copy is structured and sounding the way editors like, the more chance your copy has of going to press. Of course cutting through to the decision makers is an ever increasing challenge and, even if you’re one of the best writers of all time, getting a copywriter to help with your synopsis will ramp up your readership.

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