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Editing ServicesIt’s a cliché, but a fresh pair of eyes really does help.
A lot.

Even if you’re the best writer who’s ever lived, with the best idea ever had, you can still get so close to your copy that your story starts to get lost.

From the thickest novel or report, to the thinnest short story or corporate brochure – it’s never a good idea to be your own judge and jury. You need an honest, talented copywriter who has the professional editing expertise to properly explain what’s wrong, and then fix it.



From the most elaborate, fictional fantasy to a hard-nosed, factual biography, the rules for the written word are the same. There must be a beginning, a middle and an end, and a sequence of events that makes sense. The prose should flow smoothly like silk, but punch like a heavyweight when it needs to. And most importantly of all, it should be edited… by someone other than the person that wrote it.

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If you’re writing an article, it follows that you’re very enthusiastic about the subject matter. Therefore it’s very easy to get carried away, writing about nuts and bolts which are not necessarily very interesting. The trick is to take a step back and look beyond what interests you, to the aspects of your story which will truly engage and entertain your reader. To avoid disappointing rejections from your target publications, get your articles edited before you send them.

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If ever there’s a danger of losing your reader’s attention, it’s when they’re studying content-heavy reports with lots of technical detail, numbers and jargon. The best you can do to make sure any report is as easy as possible to read, is link all the information together with stylish, succinct copy, which makes your points in a creative, engaging way. A good editor may not fully understand everything you’re talking about, but they’ll know what people want in terms of the words you’re using.

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