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Proofreading Services

proofreading_servicesIt’s amazing how innovative mistakes can be at weaving themselves into your work.

Even if you’ve devoted hours to checking and double-checking, you’ll be surprised what even the most clever of brains can miss when you’re too close to the job.

Not only will a good copywriter who offers professional proofreading services fix things like grammar, misspellings, inconsistencies and so on… they will also ask questions of your copy, putting all the facts, claims and intimations to the test.



Every second of every working day, someone in the world swears loudly when they learn about an expensive error in their marketing material. A beautifully bound hard-back product brochure, losing credibility because of an extra space between words. Calls to action on a website page, compromised by a missing coma. Zero response to a direct mail campaign, because the decimal point jumped a place in the price. You can avoid all such costly mistakes, by getting a proof reader to dance with the devil in your detail.

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You might decide that you don’t need a copywriter to actually help write your corporate communications… but you can bet your bottom dollar that without an independent proof reader looking over your output, at some point your pride and your brand will suffer big damage thanks to a small mistake. Thankfully there’s an easy way to protect yourself – get a proof reader.

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We live in a remarkably advanced technological world when it comes to the written word. Spelling, grammar and context checkers. Automatic pagination and text wrapping. Online libraries, dictionaries and thesauruses. But yet, when was the last time you read a book, a magazine article or a newspaper story with an error? Probably not that long ago. The reason is because you can’t automate the perception of the human brain, and truly faultless proof readers are hard to find.

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