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Script Writing Services

Script Writing Services

Script writing: A skillful art working beautifully in tandem with business objectives.

The spoken word, either to a live audience or accompanying filmed visuals, is a different kettle of fish when it comes to copywriting. Because people aren’t reading, they are listening, so it’s much harder to make sure your message sinks in.

The copywriter who works on your script needs to have a special talent for stripping down your business benefits to the barest, juiciest bones, then linking them together with compelling copy which works hand in hand with what’s on the screen.


TV & Radio

So much to say, so little time to say it! There’s no denying the effectiveness of TV or radio advertising, and it’s no surprise that it’s still the preferred sales channel for any companies that have the cash. The challenge is fitting all the wonderful features and benefits into a 15 or 30 second slot, using words that will woo your target into becoming a customer. It’s a tricky, painfully expensive business if you get it wrong.

For a safe-sell across the airwaves: Contact the Doctor!

Website & Promotional

We live in the age of video. They are cheaper to make, easier to distribute, and it’s a plain simple fact that more and more consumers expect to see video when being sold to. No wonder then that more and more businesses are making them… but how good are they? With increased accessibility to the medium comes the increased danger of bad, brand-damaging creative… and one of the main protections against that is a great copywriter, who understands what a great video needs.

Create vision your audience will keep watching: Contact the Doctor!

Speeches & Presentations

Your speech may be to a crowd who already know and respect you, or your presentation may contain cutting-edge “wow factor” information, but there’s still an age old rule that applies when you get a bunch of people in a room and talk at them: they get bored and stop listening. Unless of course you’ve taken the trouble to encapsulate what you want to say in a punchy, spunky script that delivers your message in a memorable way… well within the viewer’s attention span.

To make sure they listen when you speak Contact the Doctor!


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