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Writing for the Web

Writing for the WebThe copy used in your website content needs to work incredibly hard to turn visitors into customers.

The Internet is a very competitive place. The stats on how long you have to grab the attention of a website visitor – before they surf off somewhere else – vary depending where you read.

But one thing is for sure, you only have a matter of seconds. A tiny moment in time you have to engage, keeping them reading long enough to understand your brand and process your call to action.

And for that, you need a true expert in writing for the web, who’s in the business of making your words work… really hard.

Headlines & sub-headings

The worse mistake you can make with a headline is to assume the website visitor already knows what you’re offering them when they land. So your headlines need to start at the beginning by explaining what you’re actually going to DO for your customers, in a professionally punchy way. And one headline is never enough, paragraphs of wordy content should be broken up by sub headings which summarise the story at a glance.

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Calls to action

If you’re in business to make money, the chances are the whole point of your website is to encourage the taking of some action. Whether that action is making contact with you or buying something from you, your website visitors won’t do it unless you tell them to, in the right place, at the right time, with the right words. Your website copy needs strong “calls to action”, guiding your visitors smoothly and effortlessly towards doing what you want them to do.

To call your customers to action: Contact the Doctor!

Punch & personality

Imagine that you’re in a shop and the assistant comes to talk to you. Are you more likely to respond favourably to an ash-faced assistant who drones on about product features using text book techniques, or an assistant who says hello with a polite fresh smile and takes the time to understand what you’re there to buy, and why? Of course there’s only one answer, and it applies to your website, too. When customers arrive there, fresh friendly words need to do what any good shop assistant would – talk about them.

For website copy that stands out from the crowd: Contact the Doctor!


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